In The News

FCC's Workshop On Reforming Inmate Calling Services Rates

FCC Chairwoman Mignon Clyburn hosted a workshop on Inmate Calling Service's and Millicorp's CEO was honored to be invited.

FCC Opens Door

Commission opens door to low-cost inmate routing services.

ConsCallHome is a less expensive option.

FCC rules that prisoners can use cheaper VoIP alternatives to call home.

FCC Ruling Sets Pace

The FCC took another step in reducing phone call rates for inmates.

Providing relief for the families of inmates.

Today, the FCC released an Order that will provide meaningful relief to millions of Americans.

FCC Rules In Favour Of Low-Cost Routing Services For Inmates.

The FCC's Wireline Competition Bureau has found that inmate calling service providers aren't allowed to unilaterally block call routing services.

HEARD Summer Newsletter

In January of 2013, HEARD launched its Deaf Prisoner Phone Justice Campaign.

Clyburn on Proposed Reform of Interstate Inmate Calling Regime

FCC Chairwoman Mignon Clyburn announced a proposal to reform the exorbitant interstate inmate-calling regime.

FCC Moves to Cut Prison Phone Rates

Acting Chairwoman Clyburn has made prison phone reform a priority.

FCC Approves Millicorp for VoIP Numbering Trial

Millicorp has been approved by the FCC to participate in a technical trial of the provision of direct access to telephone numbers.